Evilness & Wickedness
During the course of my work in the late 1997
I encountered evilness and wickedness of a person
That person sold a ‘profitable’ business to my friend
For multi-millions of Ringgit Malaysia
After paying the purported profitable business
It turned out to be actually burdened with a mountain of losses
Concealed in a very well disguised dressing
In which accounting can play wonders
As there was an indemnity for such event
My friend took a peaceful action to recover
But was met with great evilness and wickedness
As such, he used the law for recourse, ‘after turning green like a hulk’
Confucius said,
‘A person may escape the calamity of Heaven
But cannot escape the calamity brought by himself’
The Bible said,
‘Let the good continue to do good
Let the bad continue to do bad
Let the vile continue to be vile
And let the holy continue to be holy’
The bad will continue to do bad…
So that he will be caught and punished
That person definitely is full of bad and vile
None of good and holy
As Tao is only meant for the good and virtuous
I can see clearly it is not for that person
I just feel sorry for that person
Yes, he has all the money
But lives in such a blind life and darkness
May he change to be good and holy
Otherwise he may not escape the calamity brought by himself
In one of the holy seminar
Emperor Shi Hwang Ti, manifested and confessed
Because of his great sin where thousands died to build the Great Wall of China
And the burning of the holy books
His soul is in the deepest Hell until now
And he cannot be reborn for 129,600 years
The ‘Girl’ who was used by Shi Hwang Ti in the manifestation
Was sick for one month and all her fingers turned black
Because of the great sin committed by him
I just wonder what happened to Hitler and other great sinners
Evilness and Wickedness will have to pay a heavy price
Never have this kind of thought or action
You will regret one day.