Why can’t Tien-Tao be explained first then be transmitted? (42)


Tien-Tao should only be transmitted to the righteous who have

faith in God and the wisdom to recognize the Truth.  Nowadays

men are not as innocent as those in the ancient days.  The sinful

lives among the good.  If Tien-Tao is explained first, how could

one be sure that the person is the right one?


Throughout history, even the Saints dared not to reveal the essence

of Tao, the essence transmitted among Immortals and Buddhas

through the meeting of the hearts, to anyone without exercising

prudence, not to mention the ordinaries.  There is a saying that

“Tien-Tao is not descended unless it is the right timing, and Tien-Tao

is not transmitted unless one is the right person.”  Although this is the

time Tien-Tao is made available to everyone, It should still be

transmitted only to those who have been proven to have sincerity. 

Otherwise, who dares to reveal Tien-Tao imprudently and be

punished by God?