Fat Chicken
One day when a man was driving to the market
Suddenly a chicken rushed out to the road
He immediately slammed on the brake to avoid the chicken
What a relief, he did not run over the chicken
When he reached the market
He went to a chicken stall
And looked for a fat chicken
He told the chicken seller
His wife asked him to buy a fat chicken
Minutes ago he was relieved that he did not kill a chicken
The next minute he was buying a fat chicken
The instinct of not to kill is in us
Unfortunately it is very short
Very fast we forget our instinct of not to kill
And look for food that needs killing
If the instinct could be developed
To be always in our conscience mind
Then most likely we won’t participate indirectly in the killing
By eating them
Simply because the instinct is made aware
The Bible and the Buddha say,
Not to kill and not, Not to murder
Certainly the Lord Jesus Christ
Does not lack the vocabulary
May we take lesser meat and spare the poor animals the fear and pain
For health, mercy or spiritual reasons
JiGong said in a poem:
"A word for the flesh-eaters:
Do remember that, in eating flesh
This life is what you have sown in the past
But your future life lies on how you cultivate last
In flesh-eating, you take the pleasures of today
And fear not the worry of tomorrows
That back to others you must pay!"
People say,
"When you eat half a ‘kati’
You must return eight taels"
Meat eaters take the pleasure of today
Vegetarians sacrifice the pleasure of today
Vegetarians cut off the bad karma between animals and human
By not eating them, by freeing them, by having good karma with them
This is compassion; this is love
In return vegetarians receive love
In one form or another.