Faults of Oneself


Master JiGong said,
"To oneself, we must seek faults among our faultlessness
Not only can this improve our virtues, it can keep us from harm
To others, we must seek faultlessness among their faults
Not only can we cherish our kindness, it can settle resentment too
Do check on oneself at all times
Instead of demanding others, demand oneself in every aspect
It doesn’t matter if we make mistakes
But the important thing is we can correct them
In correcting mistake, we can realize why and what we need to correct
To realize something in depth, one must demand oneself
Hence, the saying:
‘To blame oneself with the same heart we blame others
And to forgive others with the same heart we forgive oneself’
It is always easy to know others, but it is hard to know oneself
It is easy to forgive the wrongs of oneself
But it is hard to spare the faults of others
People can see things that are a hundred steps away
But it is hard to see the back of one’s own body
The eyes can observe things as tiny as the autumn-hair
But it is hard to count one’s eyelashes
Hence, those who always see the faults of oneself
Are on par with TAO"
Only with a Heavenly heart can one be on par with TAO
It is seeing the faults of oneself and correcting them
How many people can do this?
Usually people like to point finger at others for faults done
But did not realize the other three fingers are pointing at oneself
When it comes to claiming good works done
Usually one will try to stand in front and be known
Taking credit for good work done by others is very common
All these sayings are by Master JiGong and the work of the translators
I am just a copycat
I hope my copying is meaningful
To further spread the Truth to different people in different way
I may be blamed for copying and copying and just add a little
I now learn to forgive others as I forgive myself
Because I do not know whether I have hurt any readers
Especially those that are not as the same faith as mine
I may be a bit carried away although I wanted to be careful
May I beg your pardon and forgiveness
If ever I hurt your feelings
I am sorry
Thank you.