Females of Today
Master JiGong advised the modern female,
"Very few females of today set good examples
Not walking straightly and sitting properly
Their speech is coquettish and they love teasing and joking
Who can take moral quality and dignity seriously?
Regardless of occasions, whether it is a dinner party or social gathering
One must have a dignified manner
Practise with your heart when speaking with your tongue and keep your credibility
Set up an example while assisting the husband and educating the children
And constantly check your mind and conduct
On seeing the worthies, do aspire to keep on par
With them by studying vigorously"
What is coquettish?
‘It is a woman who tries to attract the attention and admiration of men
Without having sincere feelings for them, a woman who flirts with men’
Once I read in the newspaper about a comment by a popular religious leader
He said ‘When women dressed and showed their navels
Even his faith is affected’
Female cultivators of TAO are advised to dress decently as well as their hairstyle
Smoking is definitely out
Unfortunately many female smokers are students
Once I was in a coffee shop having a drink 
Then suddenly a group of four female students in school uniform
Walked in and greeted the women cashier and called out to her
‘Auntie, auntie, a packet of Coca Cola!
The auntie immediately served the ‘Coca Cola’ from her cabinet
Four packets of cigarettes, not Coca Cola!
Hurriedly they walked off after putting them into their bags
I pitied them and felt sorry what their lives were going to be
Not to mention their parents’ money, it could be blood and sweat money
Then I recalled a very beautiful friend of mine 20 years ago who smoke
Recently I met her and silently I felt sad for her
How time had passed and taken a great toll on her
Likewise for the four students, I could visualize the same pattern
Then I think about the youthful female cultivators in TAO temple
It is with GOD’s grace that they are well behaved 
The females are very lucky to live here in Malaysia
In other countries they may have to cover up from toe to head
Only their husbands are allowed to see anything more
Females of today here are not prisoners of their own bodies and countries
It is only hoped that they do not abuse it
Good luck and May GOD bless you