Fierce Wife, Fierce Lover, Poor Man (dated 27/7/07)

During my daily morning exercise for the last few years
Around a lake near my house
The distance for one round was about 1.2 kilometre
I get to know quite a number of people over there
After some time, a new lady of about 30 years old joined in the exercise
There was a group of middle aged men who always jog together
Then one of them about 50 plus got closed to the new lady
And soon I could see there was some relationship between them
Definitely an affair was on as it was quite obvious from their behavior
After a few months of daily routine seeing them very close
Out of the blues, I saw a middle aged woman confronting the new lady
Grabbing her and using rough words condemning the new lady
The new lady struggled and freed herself
There was almost a fight and the new lady was seen running away
I kept on doing my brisk walking after hearing that the older lady was his wife
Few days later I could see again the older man and the new lady
As if nothing happened happily jogging together showing affection
On and off over a few months I could see many times the same encounter
Between the older lady who appeared suddenly and the new lady at the jogging track
The last time I saw was quite recent where after chasing the new lady away
The older lady went after her husband and there was some shouting
The poor man quietly walked away to his car and went off
People at the lake shook their heads and commented
After a few days as I was brisk walking I could hear from behind
The new lady raising her voice and the older man asking her to lower her voice
Slowly they overtook me because they were jogging and I was brisk walking
A few seconds later I could see the new lady pushing the older man
And the older man pointing his finger at the new lady warning her
I could see that they were troubled by the love triangle
Then the older man walked off to his car and drove off
Fierce wife, fierce lover and poor man
Sometimes people are just lost and do not know what is shame
But the affair as at this date is still on going
I could still see them jogging happily overtaking me recently
When will his wife spring up again out of nowhere is yet to see
It could really be a big fight and God knows what will happen
What a poor man blinded by passion or is it love?
We are responsible by our own action
Sometimes tragic ending brings great sorrow in this kind of affair
I wouldn’t want to be in this sticky situation
Just pray and hope this kind of situation doesn’t come to me or you
Be careful and not be greedy in love or money
Easy to start but hard to end
See but don’t touch
Once stuck you may be stuck for life
The trouble also stuck for life
Is it really worth it?
Not really when time catches up!