Today 4th Jan 2009, news of escalating fighting in the Middle East

Israel launched ground attack on GAZA after a week of aerial attack

Back home while coming out from a coffee shop after my lunch around 1.30pm

A car blocked my car and I have to horn for some time before someone came

To remove his car away, a very common ugly Malaysian habit

Even for this obstacle, I have seen quarrels happened and once a young man was shot…

After driving out, a short distance away I saw a commotion

As I drove nearer I saw two men fighting and a woman trying to stop

The aggressive man had very fierce big eyes starring at his opponent

While his fist of fury was trying to punch the other one

I did not stop to watch and I was thinking to myself

Fighting never stops, between animals, between men…..

There must be a reason why people fight and why animals fight…

Fighting is real and it can happen to anyone even when he did not provoke anyone

It could be wrong identity, in the wrong place at the wrong time, victim……

This is the world that we are living where peace is a gift from Heaven

People of the past knew and they looked for a permanent solution to eternal peace

Some found it in religion and some never did and continue to live life after life

Circle after circle with no ending and we called it reincarnation

I have seen many fights, with just fists and also with weapons but not gun

In the teachings of Tao, if we killed someone and burned him alive

In time or future life to come, the same thing will happen in return

An eye for an eye, a life for a life is fair in the eyes of God

The time has come and it is the peak for taking revenge and where natural disasters…

Also will be at its peak to destroy earth by fire, water and wind

Millions will perish and in this lifetime, according to Tao

We have the chance to see it with our own eyes

And the worst is the wind called “Gang Feng” in Chinese

Once in Holy seminar in Indonesia around 1998

An Immortal descended from Heaven to teach the devotees of Tao

The Immortal asked everybody to close their eyes and switched off all the lights

After a few minutes all the lights were on and asked to open their eyes

One by one the Immortal asked what they saw in darkness

Everyone said they saw the end of the world

Catastrophes all over the world and the horror of the destructions

This is one lesson that we learned from impromptu manifestation from Heaven

Fighting is just one of the sorrows that man has to suffer

It is not surprising for me to see the pains of the world

And my prayer goes to those in pain and facing it right now

Like the Middle East victims and the fight that I have just seen

May God bless the righteous and good to live in peace together

Tao is a path that can lead us to eternal peace and salvation of the soul