Fighting Cock (written year 2007)


Ten years ago I worked in a Public Listed Company (PLC)

As the Group Financial Controller, I was having a good time

After a short while there was an insider shareholder fight

To take control of the company

The new shareholder paid RM58 Million to take control

But he only control 20% of the share

The hostile party still held more than 30%

And the hostile party was the one who sold the 20%

To the innocent party who was given empty promises

He could not do the corporate restructure and exercise

To inject his assets and projects into the PLC

Under the carpet were tens of millions of losses

Not disclosed but discovered by me

I was employed by the new innocent shareholder

It was too late and there were many court cases

Suing against each other and counter suits

The hostile party with RM58 Million cash

Was angry with me for discovering the losses under the carpet

With so many court cases between the bosses

The PLC auditor was also implicated

For not disclosing the unseen losses in the audited accounts

After some time the auditor of the PLC said to me

The hostile party is a Fighting Cock

The new innocent party cannot fight with him

Some people use dirty money to suppress people

This we often see in the corporate world as well as in our daily life

I was also implicated by the hostile party

He too took me to court for small matter

Just because I was the one who discovered the losses

But through this I have learned a lesson and matured fast

When you are threatened physically and mentally

Those who innocently trying to earn a living crossed his path

In this PLC will similarly get threatened by the hostile party

Just because he has tens of millions in his pocket

But this is actually not his money

I just pitied everyone involved in this case

But a bitter lesson learned can be very useful later on

When you meet a Fighting Cock

It is better not to get involved

Because they will never let you go

They will fight and fight

Just like a Fighting Cock