What is the first thing to do for those who

received Tien-Tao and wants to advance? (20)


If one would like to advance after he received Tien-Tao,

the first thing to do is to establish and strengthen his faith. 

Faith is the foundation of practicing Tao.  Faith is the fountainhead

of building one’s merits.  Even fortune-telling would not fulfill those

who do not have faith.  Therefore, one cannot overestimate how

important faith is in practicing Tao.


All humans were born equal.  The Saints and the ordinaries all

possess the same True Selves from Heaven and bear souls in their

bodies.  The difference between the Saints and the ordinaries lies

in the difference of the state of awakening to Tao.  All phenomena

surrounding us occur in the same manner as in our body.  The

spherical shape of our head resembles the heavenly bodies while

our flat feet stand on the flat Earth.  Every inhaling and exhaling

of our breath is the manifestation of yang and yin, while our left

eye symbolizes the sun, the right eye the moon.  The five vital

organs - the heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys - correspond to

the five fundamental elements of fire, wood, earth, metal and

water respectively.  Emotions expressed as delight, rage, sorrow

and joy reflect weather conditions of breeziness, thunder, cloudiness

and drizzle.  Virtues in a man also mirror the sequence in creation. 

Benevolence parallels the Beginning; propriety, Cultivation; justice,

Reward; and wisdom, Perseverance.


A new born infant is united with Heaven and Earth.  Great Saints

like Emperor Yao, Emperor Sun, Confucius and Mencius were

born like the ordinary.  Those who live in accordance to their

True Selves become Immortals, Buddhas or Saints.  Those who

live against the True Selves become evil spirits and ghosts. 

To practice Tao, one must follow his True Self. 

This is the unalterable Truth.