Fish Demon King
It is difficult to believe that there is a demon in a fish
A fish demon king manifested in a TAO temple
She said that she had been a demon
For many thousand years
Before this she was a wolf spirit
Before the wolf spirit she was a concubine
Of an emperor few thousand years ago
As a concubine
She had caused many people to die and suffer
Her great sins turned her soul into demon
As a fish demon king she despised
Spiritual people who still ate fish and meat
Her hatred was very great
Her soul is in great sufferings and revengeful
She said on behalf of all the fishes
This story would be a joke to the non-believers and meat eaters
For vegetarians it was a relief
Seeing is believing
I am fortunate to witness
Other manifestations
Such as pigs, suffering souls, underworld guards…..
For those non-believers and meat eaters
Sickness is always because of the food we eat
Master JiGong said
‘The mouth is most dirty
If we eat meat
The heart is most cruel
If we kill sentient beings for food or pleasure’
Directly or indirectly
Killing is killing
Whether we see the killing or not
It’s still killing.