Flash Flood


One day when I was driving with a group of Tao devotees

There was a sudden torrential pour with heavy lightning

We came to an outskirts of a small town

There was a section of a road where it was flooded

It was a flash flood very common in Malaysia

Because of blocked drains, thanks to those

Who would throw or sweep anything into the drain

Then there was a fallen lamp post in that flooded part

The lamp post was not blocking the road but at its side

The spark caused by the live electricity was frightening

And it could be deadly if we were to drive through it

The water was about a foot deep and the actual road not certain

Hesitating and cannot decide whether to take the risk

We were not sure about the safety if we drove pass

We then asked ourselves that can we be electrocuted

Nobody knew and we were not able to move forward or backward

Then a common idea suddenly struck us

Why not we use the “Three Heavenly Treasure” to protect us?

All of us then silently used the Three Heavenly Treasures

With steady hands firmed on the steering wheel

I drove passed the flooded section without any problem

All of us were safe and happily we continued our journey

We did not know whether any cars behind us followed through

Or anyone got hurt by doing the same

But we were grateful that all of us were safe

In times of emergency or between life and death

We were advised to use the Three Heavenly Treasures

To give added confidence, safety, protection or save us

From any calamities, disasters or catastrophe

Really precious treasures for devotees of TAO

To those who have experienced using them and have saved them

Know the invaluable treasures and their mystical nature

A gift from Heaven given to those during Tao ceremony

For those who are not aware what are these 3 treasures!

They remain forever a mystery or just stories telling

Or just a fairy tale