Flowing and Turning
Master JiGong said,
"Life is not the cutting-off
And the ending-up of something
It is actually the flowing and turning
Of a series of interrelated causes-within-consequences
And consequences-within-causes
The past has already passed
Yet the future can be pursued
Cultivation of Truth can make people detach
From the past and create the future
Cultivation of Truth can make people change their views of life
And stop blaming Heaven and resenting people
Then, one will seek only to overcome the ego one day
And realize that all things are essentially empty."
He further said,
"Within the universe, Heaven is great
Yet the Self-Nature (inner being) is even greater
Do utilize fully your Inner Being
To accomplish the Three Immortals
Build Virtues ( to correct oneself and be a perfect person )
Build Words ( pass on the right teaching in writing )
Build Merits ( make contributions )"
By building virtues, words and merits
The flowing and turning of life will be positive
The three immortals will then make us immortal beings
The nobility of Heaven is more honorable than nobility of man
Nobility of man is fame attained by accomplishing meritorious deeds
Nobility of Heaven is fame followed naturally with the cultivation of TAO
Cultivation of TAO is also unconditional contribution to all living beings
This is also called the ‘real ideals and ambitions’
It is a heart to help the world
It is a heart to take away the pains of the world
It is a heart to give joy to the world
It is a heart to set free all the burdens and fears
It is a heart to end all causes-within-consequences
It is a heart to end all consequences-within-causes
Flowing and Turning will then stop
What we called
Attainment of TAO.