People eat similar food, why are some always sick while

others hardly ever get sick?


The human body cannot avoid sickness.  Major illness is

due to karma forces, while minor illness is caused by one’s

negligence.  Therefore, there are ghosts from Hell to spread

illness, and deities to descend disasters.  All of them are just

following God’s orders.


In addition to negligence, attached to seven emotions and

six desires28 also causes illness.  The degree of damage caused

by insatiable desires and wishes is greater than that caused by

over-indulgence in food or lust.  There is a common saying

“A tranquil mind makes a shack comfortable.  A stable nature

makes vegetable soup delicious.”  The Great Learning states

“Affluence decorates one’s house, yet virtues enrich oneself. 

When one is free from worries, he would always be content.” 

Thus, a practitioner of Tao should always think according to

the Truth before he speaks, and should always be cautious to

avoid any mistake.  He would do his best and leave the outcome

to God.


We have to know that whatever one deserves, God will not take

it away; whereas whatever God endows, one cannot attempt to

change.  Thus, an adage states “A practitioner of Tao always

appreciates and submits himself to fate.”


In the time of the Three Kingdoms (196 A.D. to 265 A.D.),

the city Luo-yang had a famine.  All in the city suffered

starvation except one who had a radiant look as usual. 

Prime Minister Chao inquired him of the reason and he

replied “I had been a vegetarian for thirty years.”  Thus,

one who sincerely practices Tao should maintain a pure

and clean body by eliminating any meat, poultry, fish,

garlic, onion family, leeks, shallot, smoking and drinking. 

This way, his chances of being ill will be reduced.