Master JiGong said,
Now that you wish to learn and become Immortal
You must first decide what you want to learn and choose a Fore-Saint
Whose endeavor you find the closest to your goal
Start with ‘Yiou-Wei’ ( acting with purpose ) at the beginning
And slowly you’ll reach the state of ‘Wu-Wei’ ( acting naturally )
Follow thoroughly and orderly the steps of the very Saint
From whom you wish to learn
Only then, you can slowly gather
All the good points of the fore-Saint
Slowly, you’ll attain a round and bright Self-Nature
And a vast, embracing virtuous Nature through your cultivation"
Master JiGong further advised,
A man should follow the example of ‘Kuan Ti’
And woman the example of ‘Kuan Yin’
Then the ‘Yin & Yang" will balance
Female is the ‘Yin’
Male is the "Yang’
Moon is the ‘Yin’
Sun is the ‘Yang’
Fore-Saints are souls that have already taken the form of Sainthoods
Religious people usually follow their masters or God
Buddhist follows Buddha
Christian follows Jesus Christ
Muslim follows Prophet Mohammad
Taoist follows Lao Tze
Confucian follows Confucius
But unfortunately many have deviated
Some became dangerous
Some have their own brand of practice
Some have other motives
Some called themselves the One or The chosen One
Varieties are plentiful
Once I heard a devotee asked a famous swami
Which swami should we follow?
The swami said,
If your heart is sincere and seeking for the Truth
The Truth will either come to you or the Truth can be found
In seeking the Truth, one must be sincere
Then it will be easy to follow the Fore-Saint
If the practitioner is not sincere, nothing can be achieved
In the end it will be zero
Be like Kuan Ti or Kuan Yin sincerely.