Few years ago I came across a business deal
A very simple business deal
Just prepare your invoice and then payment will be made!
Without having to supply the goods!
And assurance of safety of no detection
The invoice runs into thousands and then millions
In Dec ’95 I came across a newspaper report
With the headline
‘RM4 million fraud’ court told
The case appeared exactly as I had encountered
Five suppliers supplied fraud invoices and money was collected
And all the money was spent in nightclubs and big cars like royal carriages
If I had participated in that fraud
There might have been six suppliers instead of five
The profit sharing was tempting
And I was really down at that time
Thank God I did not fall into that trap
This is what we called, a test
I passed the test
The test is very real from above
There is such a holy being to carry out the test
His laugh is hair rising and eerie
My dear brothers and sisters
If ever there is such a test for a fraud
Never, never participates
Human eyes may not see
But Heaven knows, every single move
Be righteous in life
But why do people resort to fraud?
It is always because of greed
The hunger for money
JiGong said:
"Money has four legs
Human has two legs
No matter what they can’t catch up with them"
People born blind, is easy to understand the fate
People born handicapped, is easy to understand the fate
People born rich or poor, is not that easy to understand
Why they have millions, why I have nothing!
Why he is the boss, why I am the worker!
I speak better than him; I am smarter than him!
What ever it is, it is not for us to say
The blind cannot complain that why he has got to be blind
Fraud! No, no, no! I am not blind.