Fresh Milk and Cow Dung


In Seoul, recently there was a report in the paper
That after the celebration of the New Year 1996
A man got so drunk that he fell
Through an opened manhole into the sewer
He fell deep asleep and when he woke up
There was great darkness and stinking smell
He walked several kilometers for eight days
Before he was rescued
He described his nightmare of the darkness and the stinking smell
Which was exactly the same as one of the punishments
Described in the book, Journey to the Underworld
Total darkness and stinking smell of urine and dung
A sinful soul has to eat and drink
In order to survive
‘Don’t drink and drive’
Certainly carries the right message
Many accidents are caused by drunken drivers
Who see the lamp pole as the road
And not aware of the danger
Buddha says
It is better not to be involved
In the business of intoxication
And, Not to drink
It is the poison between Heaven and Earth
That man certainly woke up to a nightmare
A reality for eight days
Which could be for thousand of years for a sinful soul
Day in day out swimming in a pool of
Urine and dung as drink and food in the underworld
May we drink the fresh milk of a cow
And not eat her dung
If we are good, we deserve to drink her fresh milk
If we are bad, maybe we have to eat her dung
JiGong said,
"Philanthropists are not Tao, yet Tao includes them
Evangelists are not Tao, yet Tao includes them"
Tao includes and embraces everyone
Regardless of colour, religion, race, rich or poor
As a baby needs fresh milk to grow
An adult needs wisdom to grow
Success is not measured by wealth
It is measured by virtue
Philanthropists and evangelists are good people
Good people deserve fresh milk and not dung.