From Moon to Sun


On 21/11/97, around 7.38 a.m, I witnessed the manifestation of creation in the sky
Lao Mu said, even the deities and devas could not fully describe creation
Towards the end of this book you will see how I encountered this great vision
For this story, let me bring you to an imaginary world of creation
Similar to my encounter, I wish you would also see the manifestation without seeing
Say, on a beautiful night on the 8th month the 15th, Chinese calendar
Where the moon is the biggest, roundest and brightest
In a dark place without man-made light, out of the city
You are starring and admiring at the full moon, full of Heavenly clouds
 Suddenly the moon changes into the sun
Almost blinded your eyes but you could see the bright sun glowing with colours
From darkness to brightness and the rays twinkling in the sky
Created by the sudden change from moon to sun
The clouds form thousands of colours just like in a huge disco with dry ice
And the lights kept on shining in the mist giving out awesome colours
Just like the Bible said, ‘Let there be light’
I believe you would also be filled with great awe
This was exactly what I had seen and felt on this wonderful day of 21/11/97
Instead of the moon, it was a non-glaring, rounded and biggest white sun
Maitreya Buddha said, "It is the sign signifying the beginning of the end of the age"
The earth is decaying because it has reached its peak
Anything reaches the top, must come down
Once the God of Longevity descended from Heaven and asked us,
"How old do you think I am?"
Nobody knows, but then he answered
"I have seen 8 cycles of Heaven and Earth from Heaven"
He had gone back to Heaven for more than one million years
And we are still trapped here on earth
When we see a shooting star in the night sky
I wonder which sun dies, and the solar system that goes with it
As the cosmos is boundless and borderless
A solar system disappearing is just like a grain of sand in the vast ocean
What if our sun dies and becomes a shooting star?
Earth will immediately be destroyed!
It is said, when the spiritual world collapses
The earth and solar system will also collapse and destruct
Stars that twinkle are suns
Stars that do not twinkle are planets or moons
May this story give you an idea of creation
It is indescribable and beyond human comprehension
The creation of the cosmos, wonder beyond wonder
From moon to sun.