If one were to see under a microscope
One could see fungus growing on the skin
All over the body if one is not clean
If fungus lives in the armpit
When one sweats
The reaction of the sweat and fungus
Will secrete an unpleasant odor
Lifting the arms becomes a weapon
But if, it is spread badly all over the body
The fungus could even grow
At every corner around the head of every single hair
Or the cracks of your feet
Then the whole body is a weapon, like a pitiful homeless man
People will start avoiding one’s presence
The deodorant cannot kill the fungus
It only deodorizes temporarily for a few hours
To kill the fungus permanently
One must start eating lesser meat
The fungus loves the sweat resulting from the eaten meat
Vegetables and fruits secrete sweat with phytochemical
That will slowly destroy the fungus
Try vegetarian food on the new and full moon which
Is the 1st and 15th of each month of the Chinese calendar
No sweat, No body odor
No fungus, No body odor
No meat, No body odor
It is the best medicine that money can buy
The more you rid off meat
The more you rid off your bodily weapon
Your discharge itself will become clearer
See it yourself in your own waste
Attack the fungus with fresh vegetables, fruits and plain water.
And smell fresh.
Before I became a vegetarian my right armpit was always smelly
After that as vegetarian the smell disappeared, even after sweating
Once I attended a speech by an Indian guru of about 80 years old
He was from India and there were many attendants, mostly Indians
His speech was very stern and when came to the part of food
He said that: "When you take pork, you will smell like a pig."
This reminded me when I heard a very senior monk said
They do not eat snake or tiger meat if they want to meditate in the jungle
If they do, then snake or tiger may come to attack them
Because the animal can smell their own smell and attracted to it
Certain monks still take meat!