Why Tien-Tao descend in China?


Located at the centre of the world, China has the oldest

civilization and is the most advanced in spiritual development. 

Hence China is chosen by God as the first place to descend the

essence of Tao. Upon the Zhou Dynasty, China’s spiritual fate

changed because Emperor You and Emperor Li were not upright. 

The whole country fractured into warring states and became

what is known as the Epoch of Spring and Autumn and Warring

States in Chinese history. The upheaval led to a collapse in

morality, and virtues were no longer honoured. Thus, the

essence of Tao, along with the Heritage of Tao, ceased to

continue in China.


Then, the essence of Tao was descended in India. Later on,

Da-Muo Zu-Shi (Bodhidarma) left India and carried the essence

of Tao back to China, returning the Heritage of Tao. There were

five Patriarchs after Da-Muo Zu-Shi, after which the essence of

Tao became inaccessible to most people. From then on, the

essence of Tao was passed on in secrecy. Thus many who longed

to receive the essence of Tao did not know where to seek. While

the essence of Tao was discontinued in China, the five great religions

flourished like blooming flowers all over the world as they carried

out their teachings. Due to differences in cultural backgrounds,

these religions put up barrier among themselves.


Having passed the stages of transmitting the essence of Tao by

Saints and seeking the essence of Tao on Scriptures, the five

great religions now are powerless to stem the tide of deteriorating

morality as heresies dominate the world. When flowers wither,

i.e., the influences of the five great religions weaken), it is time to

bear fruits, (i.e., the time to amass souls before the Last Catastrophe). 

The time has come and God again descends Tien-Tao to the Eastern

Earth (the Earth).  The King of all Kings, Mi-Le Buddha will come

to encounter the Last Catastrophe of the Third Period and save the

world. This development is predestined.


China has long been nourished by Tien-Tao, and has the most broad

and profound culture.  The foundations of morality, the three orders

of relationships and the five virtues, are firmly planted among Chinese. 

Therefore God chose to descend Tien-Tao in China first, and then be

spread to the whole world.