Why is Heaven called the Western Heaven and Earth

the Eastern Earth? (45)


West symbolizes the colour white. White is the origin of all

colours, thus west also symbolizes origin. Since Heaven is

the Origin of souls, Heaven is called the Western Heaven. 

East symbolizes Beginning, the spring season and benevolence. 

These three attributes together mean the ability to breed and

nurture everything. Since Earth has this ability, Earth is called

the Eastern Earth.


The saying “cultivating in the East and harvesting in the West”

means that souls came from the Western Heaven to the Eastern

Earth, and must return to the Western Heaven. Human souls

originally were uncontaminated, pure and perfect. When souls

descended to Earth, they were tainted by desires and emotions

and were lost. However, by holding on to the heart to cultivate

the True Self, one can restore the original qualities of his soul

and return to wherever he had come from.