What is a Yuan-zi (an “original child”)? (44)


At the beginning of Yin Phase when life was created, there

were human-like beings.  However, the world was primitive,

and these beings were not different from animals. They lived

in caves and trees, ate animals and wore skins.  God saw the

world was not what it ought to be and ordered Yuan-fo-zi

(“original Buddha children”)30 to descend to the world as

the dominion.  In short, Yuan-fo-zi is called Yuan-zi

(“original children”). As True Selves entered the bodies

of these human-like beings, true humans with intellectual

abilities appeared. Then, God descended You-zhao Shi to

teach people how to build houses, Sui-ren Shi to teach people

how to use fire, Hou-ji to teach people how to farm, Shen-nong

Shi to discover herbal medicine, Xuan-yuan Shi (the Yellow Emperor)

to invent clothes and hats, Chang-jie Shi to invent Chinese

characters (written language), and Ling-lun to establish music. 

Since then, propriety and entertainment were set and human

civilizations were established. Thus, all social orders are

works of true Selves.