In 1990, while having my dinner at a stall
A pitiful woman with a child approached me
And asked for some money to feed her child
Looking at such pitiful sight, I gave her $50.00
So as to buy milk powder to feed her child
I told her that the money was for milk powder
A few days later, she recognized me
While I was again having my dinner at the same stall
Again she asked me for some money
I asked why she used up the money so fast
It should last her at least another few more days
She told me she was unlucky
She just missed a digit in the four-digit gambling draw
Otherwise she would have struck thousands of dollars
I was very mad and told her off that
The $50.00 was for powder milk for her child and her food
It was not easy to earn $50.00 (was very big at that time)
It taught me a lesson that if we want to give
Be sure that the recipient is worth giving to
And not misuse the money for gambling
It is not easy to earn money
Similarly I heard that a casino in my country
Had caused many suicides by jumping down from high building
At the casino site but were never reported
Gambling can break up families
Gambling can make people take their own lives
Gambling can destroy a good life
Gambling definitely is sinful
Never indulge in such activity
Never lose your creditability
Never lose your own soul to this evil of life
Be a man of reality
Be a man of creditability
Be a man worth living a life
Never allow gambling to destroy your life.