Ghost Register

The Taoist believes that the underworld has
Ox-headed horse-faced guard, the underworld guardian angel
When a person’s life is about to end
The Ox-headed horse-faced guard will arrive
He will tap the dying man’s shoulder
The man immediately dies
He will then lead the soul to the underworld
If a person is sinful
The hands of the soul are tied up in chains
And drag to the underworld
Very much like police dragging a repulsive violent criminal to prison
On arrival at the underworld
It will be reported and judged
And sentence will be handed down
Very much like a criminal court on earth
The sinful soul’s earthly name will be cancelled
And inserted in the ghost register
Do you believe that?
It is very true
Those who laugh and want to challenge
Are invited to do so
Certain people have eyes that can see this
If you search for this truth
It may be revealed to you in one way or another
If you realize there is such a world
Then avoid meeting
The ox-headed horse-faced guard
Once there was a manifestation of the process of judgement
In the holy seminar in the temple of Tao
The ‘criminal soul’ was dragged to the underworld court
By the ox-headed horse-faced guard to face the sentence
The ‘criminal soul’ used one of the participants body shockingly out of the blues  
And the ox-headed horse-faced used the purified ‘Girl’ body
As the ox-headed horse-faced demonstrated the dragging by an unseen chain
The sound of the chain can be heard dragging along the floor, clinking…clinking…
The ‘criminal soul’ was lying on the floor with his ‘hand tied by an unseen chain’
The ox-headed horse-faced was standing and dragging
As the ox-headed horse-faced guard moved one step
The ‘criminal soul’ moved simultaneously at the same time, with the clinking sound
The sound of the chain and the perfect timing of their movements
One standing and the other on the floor was amazing
Then sentence was handed down in a very stern manner
If the sentence is to become a ghost, the judge besides the emperor
Will record in the Ghost Register.