Glittering Hope


From a distance, a glittering light shines
Sparkling like a little diamond
In the darkness of the tunnel
As I take my deep breath, I smell fresh air
A new life, a new day, a new dawn
With that inspiration in my mind
I know springtime is within sight
And the winter cold is going to be over
Every step I take, I know
I won’t be lost
Just like the vast ocean in the night
The north star shows the direction
As I approach the source of the light
My hope fills me with great strength
Even though my throat is like a desert
And my stomach cries of hunger
When I make the first step in the open
I kneel down and cry like a child
Thank God I am out of the dark tunnel
Looking behind I know the scream
Regaining my strength I make a vow
To go into the tunnel again
With a sword as my guiding light
My hope is to rescue those still lost
I pray they survive long enough
For me to reach them or
May they also see the glittering light
To show them the way out
Once a person receive Tao, there is a dot of brightness in the forehead
And in Heaven there is a board with a dot of light representing you
And there is a lotus flower in the pond representing you
If you cultivate, practise and propagate Tao, both the dot and lotus
In Heaven will grow, if not both will die off
In the first three years after receiving Tao
JiGong as our Heavenly Teacher, will help us to build up ourselves
He will handle and be responsible to collect your good deeds and merits
And settle them with your spiritual creditors
After that it will be natural process according to the law of Heaven
This light is the light to guide us back home
A glittering hope in the dark tunnel
May you receive this light to show you the way home
JiGong said,
"He is always waiting for us in Heaven
Only that we have forgotten, we were once together in Heaven.