God of Prosperity


The Chinese believe in God of Prosperity

Especially in Taoism that this God controls wealth

One day my wife paid a visit to an old girlfriend, not knowing that

She had suddenly became very rich and lived in a bungalow house

Her story of striking rich was really amazing just like a fairy tale

This is her story:

“One day as she was driving home from work

She looked at the beautiful clear and colorful cloudy sky

Suddenly out of the clouds she saw God of Prosperity

Congratulating her with his hands sign often used by Chinese

When one had done very well or struck gold or fortune

A good omen and couldn’t believe at what she saw and later

She was simply very lucky and won hundreds of thousands of dollars

In her betting in the four-digit lottery number game / gambling

Continuously for many times she struck first prize

Within a short period she made it rich and then she stopped playing

With the good fortune, she went into business and prospered”

During Chinese New Year, the Chinese like to sing

The song of God of Prosperity

This song says about the arrival of the God of Prosperity

At one’s main door and happily invites him in

To give good luck and fortune for the occupants of the house for the year

Millions of Chinese pray to this God

Hoping that he will bring prosperity to them

My wife’s friend could not believe that such a miracle could happen to her

Especially when she was least expected as it was natural divine manifestation

Unbelievable but real, she told my wife that such a God is real

Many years ago when I was helping a medium in trance

Out of a sudden there was a torrential rain and thunderstorm

The wind was very strong almost like a typhoon

The deity in trance was a very fierce one who used to catch demon

There were many people waiting for their turn to consult the deity

With the thunderstorm and wind, all candle lights were blown off

The medium / deity then took a piece of yellow divine paper

And wrote a few Chinese words on it and directed to burn it

Once the divine paper was burnt, amazingly the thunderstorm stopped immediately

I was shocked and amazed as the smoke and the burning paper

Were rising in a small hurricane manner that rose towards Heaven

At the spot in front of the temple where the paper was burning

I strongly believed that there was a certain divine intervention stopping the rain

The divine like the God of Prosperity and the Deity who stopped the rain

Were really amazing and real

Seeing that divine phenomenon is a blessing  

May you also have blessing.