Going Home
Master JiGong dictates a poem,
‘Hard to fill is the sea of desires
While its bitterness is boundless
Its short-lived pleasures are followed by sadness
Wind drifts and clouds disperse
Likewise are the prosperity and decline of affairs
Sufferings and happiness not equally shared
Anger and folly are thus flared
Although having one’s striking writings
Compiled and annotated
It is not as good as being wordless
And save a dot of trueness
The lost ones have thousand hills
And ten thousand waters to give them barriers
The realized ones turn their heads
And find their homes.’
What is wordless?
What is a dot of trueness?
And where is home?
Wordless is the ‘Five-word mantra’
Dot of trueness is our divine eye
Home is the highest Heaven
The dot of trueness is where the soul resides
It is a micro-space or hole within which
One’s inner being or spiritual body lives
Also known as the right door
Mystical door or Door of the soul
Going home is the purpose of life
Every human should strive to go home
Even you are the great writer of the dharma
Have million of followers
It is not as great as the awakening of the divine nature
It is the sudden realization of true self
It is only a momentarily point in time
To attain Buddhahood
This is also the stanza of Hui Neng
In the sutra of Maitreya Buddha
When a person is initiated with the TAO
It is like the striking of
Inner cloud and thunder
It will open in the middle of the void
And our divine eye will be opened
Instantly some became vegetarians and headed for home