Going Back
Master JiGong told his disciples,
"You came from ‘Wu-Ji’ (Heaven of Truth) in the past
Why does the Teacher ask you to return HOME
And be awake to the homeward-path?
Because you are here to fulfill this COME
Now you need to fulfill this GO!
You have already fulfilled your wish of ‘coming’
To the earth from Heaven of Truth
Now, you wish to ‘go back’
To where you ‘came from’
So you need to fulfill your wish of going back"
Non-TAO devotees would find it hard to believe
That we came from Heaven of Truth in the past
The Bible says we are all children of GOD
Master JiGong once sadly told us that we had forgotten
That we were once together with him in Heaven
Like brothers and sisters
But we had been gone too long
Lost in this world
And trapped in the net of karma
It was his duty to bring us home
When he said this
His tears almost came out
Many devotees could not help but just cried
He reminded us how lost we were
It was time to go home
He also said that
Some had taken the vow to ‘come’
So that they could bring back their ‘brothers and sisters’ back home
It was to fulfill their wish of ‘going back’
Not alone but with the lost souls
Until when salvation was told to stop
This is when all who deserved are already saved
The rest have to wait for the next cosmic cycle
That is 129,600 years.