What is the practice of Gong-fu?


The practice of Gong-fu15 has two attributes.  The first attribute is to

exercise rigid self discipline and maintain tranquility in one’s heart. 

The second attribute is to eliminate the yin Qi inside the body and

restore the True Self to pure yang or full radiance.


As a man grows, his desires grow.  These desires are the yin Qi

The soul originally is pure yang.  When desires grow, the yin Qi

masks the yang soul.  To rid of one’s yin Qi, one must adhere to

his Right Portal and perform good deeds.  Performing good deeds

strengthens one’s yang Qi or aureole.  By adhering to the Right

Portal, one’s aureole is reflected inward, and the pure yang neutralizes

the yin Qi.  When the yin Qi is eliminated, one’s soul is restored to

pure yang.


By adhering to the Right Portal and performing good deeds tenaciously

with balanced efforts, one can attain the ultimate centre.