The Gong-Fu of cultivating oneself


Once where to rest is known, the direction of practicing Tao is set. 

(In Buddhism, this is called Zen meditation.  When one has no fancy,

it is called Zen.  Seeing one’s True Self in tranquility is called meditation). 

One cannot know where to rest without receiving Tien-Tao transmitted

by the Enlightened Teacher with Tien-Ming1.  Being set means one will

not stray away from the True Self, which is equal for a Saint or a commoner.


After being set, the next four stages are – can be tranquil, can reveal

his True Nature, can be pure and can attain Tao.  The word “is” in “is set”

refers to the True Self which has always been there, and cannot be

enhanced or degraded, contaminated or purified.  The word “can”

implies effort.  Effort can be great or minute, or tenacious or

sporadic.  Regardless of one’s effort, the True Self remains the same. 

However, the attainment of each of these four stages depends on one’s

effort, resulting in different achievements.  This is why there are three

Vehicles of Dharma and nine levels of peerage.