Good Morning

My Chinese name sounds like Good Morning in Chinese
My last name is Chew and first name in short is TA
It means great or big in Chinese, meaning Great Chew
I didn’t realize my parents gave me such great name
Coincidently I was born in Teluk Anson (TA in short)
A town in the state of Perak in Malaysia
Where people from that town will usually say: “I am from TA.”
So, my name can also be Teluk Anson Chew (TA Chew)
For the Chinese when they meet in the morning
They will greet each other in Chinese, Good Morning
Most other races also wish the same greeting
The former Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew
Followed the name of a great deity “Kuan Yu”
Kuan Yu became Kuan Ti and Ti means Heaven or Emperor
The Heavenly honor was conferred by God to Kuan Yu
After he returned to Heaven and became an Immortal
Kuan Ti is the lead discipline Heavenly master of Tao of Heaven
There are four Heavenly discipline masters appointed by God
The other three were also great people of the past
The four of them make sure great discipline is strictly followed
If there is any indiscipline in the temple
Any of the four discipline master can manifest to address the situation
To make sure that no rowdiness or misconduct is allowed to take place
I have seen the manifestation of Kuan Ti
A great man of the past and he certainly deserved
To be the lead discipline Heavenly master
Likewise name like Kennedy carries great weight in USA
And for the Chinese people, those with surname “Kong”
Still have respect because they are considered the descendants of
Confucius where the surname is “Kong”
To be able to wish Good Morning
To be able to sleep well
To be able to eat well
Is considered having a good life
Many people cannot sleep well
Many people cannot eat well
Many people cannot even wish Good Morning
Good Morning and Good Luck to your life