Good Sense & Good Ability
Master JiGong advised his disciples,
"At leisure, donít just think about earning money
Money has four legs and man has two legs
No matter how hard you run
You can never catch up with it
At leisure, spend some time to foster and nurture your mind and spirit
Besides learning how to conduct oneself as a start
You also need to go and see the mountains
Go and see the waters and the four seas (the world)
That will widen and enlarge our heart and mind
Then only can we feel the extensiveness
In this narrow living space of the society
Modern people find that even 24 hours a day is not enough to spend
This is because they spend the time seeking a life of material comfort
Hence, you must spare some time to do what is beneficial to your mind and body
It is to cultivate oneís own virtuous nature
Being rich is not always safe!
Take notice that you donít rush about at the crossroads
You must still act according to the rules
And act with sense according to the Road of Truth
This Road of Truth is precisely our Good Sense & Good Ability"
What is good sense and good ability?
It is the intuitive wisdom and power
The Chinese Saint Meng-Zi said,
What one knows without forethought is called Good Sense
What one can do without learning is called Good Ability
The first thought that is instinct, is pure
The second thought is usually human, can be good or bad
When a child suddenly falls into a river
The instinct of everyone is to jump down to help
On second thought, many will hesitate   
The instinct is pure because it is the divine nature
Good sense is the thought without thinking
Good ability is doing without having to learn how to do
Upon initiation of TAO
Good sense and ability are awakened and put into practice
This is the mysticism of Heaven
That one can be awakened in just a moment in time
And transformed instantly
I have seen many of these in the temple of TAO
Some instantly become vegetarians
Some instantly stop all their bad habits
And start practising TAO
Thanks be to LAO MU