Goodbye, The Happiest Word


A word of Goodbye spoken
Could send tears rolling
It could pierce the heart
And send the strongest man down to his knee
Whether he had conquered Mount Everest, or
The Greatest boxer of all times or
The most successful businessman or
The President, Batman or even Superman
A small little girl or a cute little woman
Could make her man like a wall crashing
down on him
The reverse is the same
By saying goodbye
It is so hard to let go of loving attachments
When the holy spirits appeared in a
Tien Tao temple
Sometimes when saying goodbye
And going back to the land of bliss
You could see the great compassion in the Holy spirits
Knowing our pains
And so lost in this sea of suffering
Their hearts cried for us
Tears just rolls down when they said goodbye
They were so worried that we were not be able
To understand their advice
May the Holy spirits who shed their tears for us
Remind us of their advice
Or when a word of goodbye
That sends tears rolling
Be an experience for us
To change and be righteous
Let, goodbye, the saddest word, be the happiest word
To say ‘sayonara’ to
The sea of suffering or
The Emperor of the underworld
This is a poem from JiGong,
"The fleeting splendour of the worldly affairs
Will drift and scatter in a glance
The heroic names of one generation will be buried
In the deserted tomb in the end
From of old, in human existence
Who does not die?"   
Let our goodbye to the world
Be as meaningful as possible
For generations to follow.