Grand Master Han

The Golden Thread
My Heavenly Teacher, JiGong said,
"Without Heaven, there is no earth
Without parents, there are no us."
The picture on the left is my Grand Master Han
Without him, there is no propagation of Tao of Heaven under him
Without Tao of Heaven, there is no this book
If he did not sacrifice his life in 1947
To leave his beloved family and country, China
Today, there is no Tao of Heaven in Taiwan under him
And there is no Tao of Heaven all over the world under him
During the funeral in 1995 in Taiwan
His eldest son from China knelt down and confessed
"Father, when you left us for Tao years ago
All our hearts cannot forgive you
But today; father, you are right."
When I saw and heard this emotional confession
It struck me and I could imagine
When Prince Siddharta left his wife and new borne son
In the middle of the night 2,500 years ago
How would his wife and family feel? The same broken hearts and tears
Without Sakyamuni Buddha, there is no Buddhism
Without Jesus Christ, there is no ChristianityÖ..
Today, will be a different world
I can see; it is Heavenís will, not a coincidence
It is Godís plan, you shall see later in this book
The last 5,000 years is also Godís plan
Called "The Golden Thread" ( Pictures on the left )
The sacrifice of  Grand Master Han 
Likewise is not a coincidence or out of sudden
May you read this book until the last page
It could be what you are looking for
But if ever, it is not your views or objectives
Just let it be like a breeze that breezes by
It wonít harm you but definitely would do what a breeze normally does
Under a hot burning day when you really sweat
May you be able to recognize and restore your divine nature
It may be lost or searching out there
When a sheep is lost, the shepherd knows how to find it back
But when ourselves are lost, we may not be able to find our way back
Tao of Heaven, is a Heavenly path
To lead us back home to where we belong
So the purpose of life, is to find a permanent home to go to
May it be your path, the path of my Great Grand Master Han, known as
"Grand Elder Han" and Heavenly title conferred by GOD is
       'Godly Plain Water Saint
Manifestations of The Golden Thread in the Temple of Tao of Heaven. Backdrop is the symbol of LAO MU.

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