Grand Daughter


A Tao devotee converted his house in a village into a temple

He has a three years old daughter and his father was staying with him

The grand father always takes his lovely grand daughter

Whenever he goes out for his coffee or short trips to super markets

At the altar was a Majestic Maitreya Buddha (The Laughing Buddha)

Where he offers prayers everyday in the morning and evening

The front of the old village house was made of earth and not concrete

Neighbors were also similar with no concrete pavement before the road

One day, the grand father saw his grand daughter playing with his neighbor

He walked to his car without calling his grand daughter

He started his car and then reversed

He felt it was quite difficult to reverse, thinking the hand brake was on

Upon checking, the hand brake was off

Immediately with fear, he thought could it be his grand daughter!

Did she follow him when she saw him getting into his car?

Was she at the back of the car and knocked her down?

He immediately got down and checked what happened to his car

Out of horror, he saw his grand daughter’s head beneath the back wheel

Partly submerged into the earth pavement and the wheel on top

He dared not drive forward or backward, fearing further injuries

Shouted to his neighbors, they all pushed the car over

Motionless, they immediately sent her to the hospital

Along the way, the grand father remembered The Heavenly Three Treasures

Chanting silently, calling upon God to save his grand daughter

Upon reaching the emergency department of the hospital

The girl was revived without any injuries

She could smile and all were relieved that she was safe

When they reached the house temple and stepped inside

The little girl pointed out at The Majestic Maitreya Buddha

The smiling little girl said nothing but just kept on pointing

The family immediately offered special prayer

Thanking God for saving the life of their little girl

That strengthened their faith and the neighbors were impressed

Many received Tao after that and Tao flourished fast in the village

The Three Heavenly Treasures is used during emergency to save lives

Those who experienced it know how real it can be

In times of emergency