How can hair loss be prevented or minimized?
Below is a guide that might work!   

The Root Cause of Hair Loss Exposed
By Colin Montana Platinum Quality Author

There are a lot of myths about the root cause of hair loss. This brief
article explores the real cause of hair loss, and how you can STOP
YOUR HAIR LOSS effectively starting today.

The big hair loss myth is that DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) is caused
by testosterone. Yes, DHT is a form of testosterone, but it is NOT
caused by testosterone itself.

DHT is formed by estrogen, the female hormone. Excess estrogen,
called Estrogen Dominance causes overproduction of DHT, which
leads to hair loss and other aging processes. So essentially it is
too much estrogen that is the root cause of hair loss.

So where does Estrogen come from?

Well now where getting closer to an ACTUAL solution for hair loss.
There are two external sources of estrogen that the body gets
exposed to: Environmental pollution and chemicals in food.

When the body is heavily exposed to these two factors the condition
of estrogen dominance occurs, and any of a number of aging processes
can occur, including hair loss.

And there is another myth, that hair loss is purely genetic and that
nothing can be done about it. Yes, genes come into whether you are
more likely to suffer from the particular aging process of hair loss
(rather than another), but it is NOT the cause of hair loss.

So how do you go about solving this exposure to estrogen that is
the root cause of hair loss? Well, two simple words; detox and
organic. Detox your liver so that it can easily neutralize the
exposure to estrogen before it turns in DHT. And eat organic
food that doesn't have estrogen forming chemicals in it. Simple
but effective...

But there is one more thing you need to do: get rid of the DHT
on your scalp. This can be done using a DHT removing topical
agent. For an inexpensive topical to stop hair loss and even
experience regrowth visit the Ultimate Hairloss Solution now for the details

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