Half Beauty Half Beast (16/10/07)


Last night I went to a temple and watched a Chinese opera show

Interestingly I came to like Chinese opera show

The stories are usually popular Chinese olden classic

The show last night was about a Half Beauty Half Beast woman

Half of her face was extremely beautiful

The other half was like a demon, badly burnt

She was the best in sword play and martial art “Kong Fu” in the kingdom

One day the Emperor went hunting with his special imperial guards

He shot a royal arrow into the air trying to strike a flying bird

He missed the bird but the arrow was caught by the Half Beauty Half Beast woman

Looking at the arrow, she knew it was a royal arrow

Confidently and calmly she sat on the arrow on top of a big stone

Waiting for the Emperor to come to retrieve it

The beautiful side of her face was facing the direction of the path

Leading to the stone where she was sitting and knowing the Emperor will come

The imperial guards found a beautiful woman sitting on the royal arrow

Talking nicely to her for the arrow but she insisted that the owner asked himself

If he wanted back his arrow knowing the owner was the Emperor

The Emperor had no choice and then politely asked for his arrow himself

She told the Emperor to pull out the arrow if he wanted his arrow back

The Emperor with all his might could not pull out the arrow sat atop by her

Seeing such a pretty woman and excellent in Kong Fu

He admired her and started to talk leisurely to her

She then demanded that if the Emperor wanted his arrow back

He must promised to marry her within three days

The Emperor being single at that time was just too glad to promise

She let him have his arrow back and came down from the big stone

When the Emperor saw her beastly side, he freaked out with fear

Almost wanted to run for his life thinking he saw a ghost

She apprehended him and made him promise to deliver his words within three days

The Emperor agreed and left the place in a hurry

When the three days were up, the Half Beauty Half Beast woman waited in vain

Very angry she went to the palace to look for the Emperor

But within the three days the Emperor hurriedly married another beautiful woman

His chief imperial guard warned him about his promise to the Half Beauty Half Beast

The Emperor ignored his advice and proceeded with his marriage

But when the Half Beauty Half Beast woman discovered that the Emperor

Had just married and broken his promise to marry her

She turned fiery and in rage putting the Emperor in fear

Through his advisor, the Emperor put the two women into an immediate test

One the Half Beauty and the other his just married wife to a writing contest

If the Half Beauty won, the Emperor must marry and take her as the first wife

If the Half Beauty lost, then she had to forgive the Emperor and leave the palace

The Half Beauty excelled in sword play and surprisingly also in literature

She won the contest and the Emperor was forced to marry her reluctantly

Although the Half Beauty achieved what she wanted

She could not find love from the Emperor because of her ugly demonic half

Out of frustration she left the palace and went back to her parents’ house

During this time there was a warlord who wanted to become the Emperor

The warlord sent a threatening letter to the Emperor to hand over his throne peacefully

Or else he would take the throne by force with his private army

There were no hero in the kingdom and the Emperor through his advisor

Was forced to persuade the Half Beauty Half Beast to defend the kingdom

Reluctantly she agreed and went to fight with the warlord

Through her extraordinary skill in swordplay, she defeated the warlord

The warlord surrendered and the Half Beauty let him go free without killing him

She returned to the palace and there were great celebration throughout the kingdom

The Emperor accepted her as his first wife wholeheartedly

Miraculously through her good deeds and risking her life to save the kingdom

Heaven healed her demonic half and she turned into a Heavenly beauty

Perfect and the most extraordinary beauty in the kingdom

There was great joy, love and peace throughout the kingdom

For many generations……………..