Hands of Yama 

Master JiGong advised the cultivators of TAO,
"Everyone of you is of superior wisdom
However, even though you can leap beyond a thousand-mile
Even though you are a great marathon runner
But still, you cannot run away from the hands of Yama (ruler of the underworld)
Even though you are a hero and your martial arts are peerless
Still, you can’t escape the kick from impermanence and fall
Take a look at your national heroes
The idols within your hearts
These heroes could be so peerless in their martial skills
And become everyone’s idols
They can make so many people fall with one kick
But could they conquer ‘impermanence’?
No, they couldn’t
Instead, they were fallen by just a gentle kick from impermanence
Hence, no matter how adaptable people are
No matter how high and unsurpassed their wisdom is
They cannot fight against a gentle blow from the impermanence
When Yama sends the blank paper over (issue an order)
Mustn’t people let go what their hands have grasped
And leave the human world?
Hence, being in the midst of the Heaven and the earth
Man must not regard oneself as unsurpassed and superior to others
Or consider oneself as the center of everything
There are Heavens above a Heaven
There are Men superior to a man
Disciples! You should understand that you are just a grain in a vast sea
Just a grain of sand
Be very sure that you don’t get attached to the beautiful scenes
Before your eyes and that year after year
You spend the time only in serving your own interests
Only in serving your own happiness!" 
Advising us to be far-sighted
The role that we must played are just a matter of several decades
Soon we will leave this world
We must do our best to sacrifice and help others
To escape from the hands of Yama
By initiation of TAO and practise and propagate TAO
It is said that we shall have salvation
We wouldn’t face the Yama
Our souls will ascend to Heaven
Master JiGong shall receive us
And take us to meet Maitreya Buddha
Then LAO MU.