Happy Fairy
Master JiGong gave a poem,
"Step back one pace
The sea is wide and the sky is spacious
Give some way to others, how leisurely one is!
Endure a few words, you’ll be easy and worry-free
Be patient for a while, a happy fairy one becomes!"
For all matters, if we can endure a little and be a bit more patient
And if we can withdraw a bit and gave a little way to others
We will naturally find a wide sea and a spacious sky before us
And feel easy and worry-free
We have to be patient and careful with our words
Be able to endure and take things easy
A happy fairy one can be
One will be easy and worry-free
Master JiGong said,
"It is necessary to make use of different conditions and situations
To train every person
Without torturing each other and entangling with each other
How can we become perfect and accommodating in every thing
And how can we reach a state of perfection!"
When a person goes through great hardships
And emerge without breaking down
That person usually is a stronger and better person
In the Ten Admonitions it is stated,
‘To refine your wills to be as strong as the hardest gem
And as perfect as the faultless jade’
If a person suffers when in young age, it could be a blessing
If a person suffers in old age, it could be real sufferings
I have encountered blessings in disguise
Initially I could not understand why it must be me to suffer
When the real picture was revealed,
Then I realized,
How beautiful!
You can never imagine the wonder within wonder
How Heaven could be so creative in teaching and grooming us
Just like black and white picture suddenly turned into colored picture
May our endurance, patience and perseverance
Chop off every imperfection in our life
So that we can be a happy fairy
In reality.