Heart of Gold (dated 17/9/2007)


Not long ago in Malaysia there was an internal political problem

Among the Chinese leaders fighting for leadership in MCA

Their problems were complicated involving huge amount of money

Especially one party accusing another of abuse of power

Then, there was a lower rank senior member in the party

Known for his politeness, honesty, kindness, integrity……..

Through his good name, he managed to solve the fight

Later he was appointed as the President of MCA till now

Nobody has any complaint about his clean image and his work

His words carry weight and everybody likes his leadership

Humble and never shows any pride at anytime to anyone

He was brought up from a very poor family in a small village

Through his nature of hard life and upbringing during his younger days

He knows the real meaning and pains of sufferings

His word is full of wisdom and he thinks for others

Recently he visited a temple and there were thousands of people

Including monks standing beside him to welcome him

When he raised his hand to greet his supporters

Out of nowhere a beautiful little bird

Flew and rested on his hand without fear

Normally birds are afraid of human beings

Because they know our hearts

From the photograph I could see everybody clapping and smiling

Looking at the little bird resting on his hand

This shows he has a golden heart

The little bird even feels comfortable with him

Having a leader like him is not easy

His look is only average but gentle

Anything good is beautiful

I believe he must have a golden heart

For that little bird to rest on his hand

Leaders who think for themselves and their own benefits

Cannot bring real goodness to the community

Likewise spiritual leaders must also be holy and clean

In order to lead his followers into the Truth

Unfortunately many frequently appear in the news

Exposing other motives and selfish gains

To find a true spiritual leader, one must be sincere

May your spiritual practice also change your heart

Into a Golden Heart

And bird dares to rest on your hand too.