Heart of Buddha
Master JiGong asked,
"When a mother raises a son or a daughter
She would never consider what the child could give her
In the future before she offers her care. Right?
Since she has given birth to him
She only knows of loving him and caring for him
She also understands clearly that he may disappoint her when he grows up
But she still misses him and takes care of him
Even to the extent of taking on his guilt and dying for him
Dying for him without resentment and without regret
This is the heart of a mother
And is exactly the heart of Buddha.
A kindly mother will do this for her son and daughter
Buddhas and Saints had also given up their own personal feelings
While they were living in the world
And offered all their love to numerous living beings
The way they treat numerous beings is the same as a mother treats her child
They advise and transform them
And they are willing to take their sins on themselves
They vowed that
‘Not until all living beings are saved, they will not become Buddhas’
Which Buddha or Bodhisattva does not have this heart? Asked Master JiGong
The Saints of the five religions came from different places
But they all had the same aspiration
And they all gave up themselves for the multitude"
How many of us can do this?
Hardly in this world!
With much greed, anger and selfishness
We see the opposite in most cases
A simple example in big towns
We may not even know our neighbours
When a person shouts for help
Makes every one closes their doors instead of giving help
Either we are not brave enough or fear of the aggressor
Or it is his problem not mine!
In the cultivation of TAO
We are advised to follow the heart of Buddha
To know the path they have walked
And follow the path that is proven
By following the path we will see lesser misdeeds
And assurance of the way back home
May your path be the path of TAO
It is the path of the Buddha and Truth.