What is the difference between the Tao of Heaven and

the Tao of Mankind?  Which one should be practised



One who emphasizes his practice of Tao on his True Self

and his life, and takes on the mission of bringing salvation

to the world is the one who follows the Tao of Heaven.  One

who emphasizes on ethics, morality and five virtues of Tao

is one who follows the Tao of Mankind.  The Tao of Mankind

is the basis of the Tao of Heaven.  Thus, whoever practices Tao

should start with the Tao of Mankind.


Filial devotion, brotherly love, loyalty, trustworthiness, propriety,

righteousness, integrity, and feeling shame are the eight most

important attributes of one’s character.  God constantly evaluates

people’s hearts and observes people’s actions.  For those who do

not respect their parents, do not love their brothers and sisters,

work and act perfunctorily, do not keep their promises, have no

propriety, have no justice, have no integrity, or have no shame,

their practices will not benefit them.  If one does not behave

according to the Tao of Mankind, how can he follow the Tao

of Heaven?  Thus, to practice Tao, one must fulfill the Tao of

Mankind first.  Confucius said “By learning the Tao of Mankind,

a practitioner of Tao can extend it to the Tao of Heaven.”  Thus,

when one perfects the Tao of Mankind, he is not far from the

Tao of Heaven.