Heritage of TAO
‘Within the impure mind, the pure one is to be found
If you wish to find the true way
Right action will lead you to it directly
When neither hatred nor love disturb our mind
Serenely we sleep
The kingdom of Buddha is in this world
Within which enlightenment is to be sought
Right views are called ‘transcendental’
Erroneous views are called ‘worldly’
Kalpa after kalpa, a man may be under delusion
But once enlightened
It takes him only a moment
To attain Buddhahood.’
This stanza is for the ‘Sudden’ school
Says Hui Neng the sixth patriarch
The word ‘Maha Prajnaparamita’ is Sanskrit
It means great wisdom to reach the opposite shore
‘Maha’ means great
‘Prajna’ means wisdom
‘Paramita’ means opposite shore
In the teaching of TAO
The topic on ‘The Golden Thread’
Is of prime importance because it is the lineage or heritage of TAO
Handed down by Heaven
Through 64 patriarchs over a period of 5,000 years
Hui Neng is the number 51st of the patriarchs
Or 6th since Bodhidharma
The last number 64th is Master JiGong
Since then there is no more patriarch
The chart on these 64 patriarchs is explained in detail
The names, years and what happened
Mahakasyapa, Ananda, Lao Tze, Confucius and Mencius
Are among the patriarchs in this heritage of TAO or the truth
It started with emperors in China
Then scholars in China
Monks in India
Monks in China
And finally laymen in China
In this line of heritage of 5,000 years
Sakyamuni Buddha and Maitreya Buddha were mentioned
The earlier Buddha was ‘Lan Thean’ Buddha
In this cycle of Heaven and earth of 129,600 years
Ten Buddhas already appeared
To sow and reap the qualified souls back to Heaven.