Honesty Pays


Honesty is the best policy, so the saying

In the past, business deals were done by words of mouth

Nowadays by hundreds of pages of agreement but yet

The courts are full of legal cases

Be it businesses or any promises

Words from the mouth are very important

But people are just too anxious to make profit in haste

Or simply benefiting themselves by promising anything

Without considering what consequently will lead to

I have seen and experienced many in the corporate world

It is very disheartening at times but this is the world

A very interesting movie I have just seen recently

A young lady working in a bakery shop had to deliver a special cake

To an elderly lady living in a small house by someone called Mr Chen

Upon reaching the small little house

She saw quite a number of cakes packed nicely left by other bakeries

At the front door of the house and she wondered why

An elderly lady came out after ringing the bell and she was told to go away

She did not want to accept the cake and did not want to talk

After many attempts, she left with the cake

She couldn’t just leave the cake at the front door like others

Then she started to trace the person who ordered the cake

But only was able to confirm that he worked in an office building

She started to ask for Mr Chen at the reception

As the building was very big and without his full name

Nobody knew who was Mr Chen

She kept on checking to return the cake to him as he had already paid for it

For almost two hours and asking many people at the posh ground floor

An old man had been watching her from a garden outside

Then he approached her and asked

She told him about Mr Chen and wished to return his cake

The old man invited her to follow him to the penthouse

An elegant office and the old man told her that her job was done

He was Mr Chen and thanked her for her honesty

Mr Chen was the big boss of the building and a billionaire

Rare to see an honest person, Mr Chen rewarded her handsomely

And accepted her as his Goddaughter as he had no children

The elderly lady was his wife which he had wronged her many years ago

The event led to their happy reconciliation

Just a cake but it is the honesty that counts

When an elderly person has billions and no children!

Either it goes to charity or to the most honest and deserving one

That comes along

Honesty pays.