Hui Neng, The Sixth Patriarch


In year 526, Bodhidharma known as ‘Ta Mo Chu Sze’
Arrived in Canton, China to spread the truth
In the reign of Emperor Liang Wu Ti
Since then, the sixth patriarch, Hui Neng
Was on the high seat of
The treasure of the law
On one occasion because of a rival teacher
Chang Hang Chong, a layman
Was sent to murder Hui Neng
With his psychic power of mind reading
The patriarch knew and was prepared
He put ten taels by the side of his own seat
When Chang arrived, he outstretched his neck
Chang cut thrice
But not a single wound was inflicted
Then the patriarch addressed him
"A straight sword is not crooked
While a crooked one is not straight
I owe you money only
But life I do not owe"
Then Chang knelt down and was ordained
And became a very diligent monk
Hui Neng was one of the sixty-four patriarchs
His teaching of ‘Sudden Enlightenment’
Is very much emphasized by Tao
He said this stanza is for the ‘Sudden’ school:
"It is also called the ‘Big Ship of Dharma’
Kalpa after Kalpa, a man may be under delusion
But once enlightened it takes him
Only a moment to attain Buddhahood"
In the temple of Tao, upon initiation of Tao
Some immediately become vegetarian
Some immediately give up all the bad habits
Some immediately see visions of God and Buddha
Some immediately experience miracles
Lao Mu said: "Heaven will send all kinds of miracles
To wake up the pure souls originally from Heaven."
So that they can help Maitreya Buddha in the great salvation of mankind
In these nine years of life in my practice and propagation of Tao
I have seen and experienced many miracles
To allow me to write this book to share with thousands or maybe millions
Lao Mu said: "For those who can write
Then write to spread the words of GOD"
Thank be to GOD