Humble & Gentle


Master JiGong asked,
"In cultivating TAO, why does one need to be humble and gentle?
Three words are used to express the idea.
Being humble and gentle is for attaining Calmness, Realization and Wisdom.
The aim of studying is for understanding the Truth-Principle
After understanding, one needs to follow the Saints and learn from the Worthies."
With these words I can see the reason why most cultivators of TAO are humble
When I first encountered TAO in 1995
This is one of the main reasons I agreed to be initiated with TAO
It was the humble and gentle people in the temple
At that time I knew nothing about the main purpose of TAO
There were two masters of TAO who spoke to me
One was a master in charge of TAO temples in Japan
And another was similarly in charge of Malaysia, both are Taiwanese
The one in charge of Japan was about 70 years old
And the other was about 60 years old, both ladies
They were in Kuala Lumpur for a visit to propagate TAO
The 70 years old master was a Buddhist since young
She has the look of a great lady with a compassionate and kind heart
Later I understand that she had lived almost like a nun in Taiwan for a long time
Her arm had the many ‘dots’ to indicate vows of Buddhist precepts
Just like the monks did it on their forehead
For 15 years a senior TAO master had been inviting her to seek TAO
But she refused due to her strong belief in Buddhism
One day her Buddhist master who had passed away came into her dream
Advising her to seek TAO in order to attain eternal bliss
She then approached the senior master of TAO and requested for the initiation
Today she is a very respected master of TAO
Looking at her itself gave me great feeling of peace
I would like to grow old in the same way
Listening to her in Mandarin or Japanese make me wish
How wonderful if I could speak like her
She is the one who performed the initiation of TAO on me
Master JiGong further said,
"You must move and transform others by your words and conduct
How can we carry people across when the self is not right?
Only by displaying the Holy Way (TAO) through oneself
Can we carry people across!
If you commit ‘a good deed a day’
The teacher would show a bright smiling face"
It is just great to be with great people
Great in the sense of great virtues
Great heart with great humbleness and gentleness
May our hearts be the same