Hunting and Fishing


Hunting and Fishing are many peopleís hobbies
They can stay hours in the hot burning sun burning themselves
Or hours in the deep jungle frightening the animals
I have yet to see a pleasant and compassionate looking person
With such a hobby
Either they looked burnt out from the burning sun
Or rough and untidy just out from the jungle
What they do not realize is pitifulness and compassion
Of other suffering living beings that are unfortunate
If one can imagine and express the pain and fear of
His lips being hooked and pulled by someone
Or being chased by someone holding a gun
Then may be he will change his hobby
To water skiing or jungle trekking
To enjoy and admire the water where the fishes live or
The jungle where the animals called home
JiGong said: "The poor and the handicapped people of Cambodia, Phnom-Penh
Are the rebirths of hunters."
May the light of understanding put a stop
To take otherís lives as a game
And blood is blood, be it human, animals or fishes
Either hooked to the lips
Or a bullet through the heart
There have been just too many unfortunate accidents
In the deep sea and jungle
Do not become a victim of your victims
Let them live peacefully
They do not disturb us
Buddha said,
"If a person was to live and does not
Disturb the peace of another life
He will be very happy
The world will be very peaceful."
JiGong said,
 "You must spare some time to do
What is beneficial to your mind and body
It is to cultivate oneís own virtuous nature."
Hunting and Fishing is definitely out
It is actually harming oneís own virtuous nature
Ten years ago a man confessed to me
About his past where he loved hunting
He was very rich and he showed me his past bank statements
To show proof of his multi-million dollar business
He is very broke now and regretted his past, he said.