Hunting Dogs


Certain people rear hunting dogs for hunting
They will carry a gun or weapon in their hands
And a few hunting and blood thirsty dogs
With these deadly weapons
They go into the jungle and hunt for excitement
One day a rough hunter with hunting dogs
Went into a jungle
Upon entering the jungle he saw a forest monk
Clearing up a place so that he could meditate
With such a sight he was very upset
Because it was a bad omen for him
That he wouldn’t be successful in his hunting
Out of great anger and his hot temper
He let go of his dogs and ordered them to kill
The frightened monk ran for his life
And climbed up a tree
With the dogs barking and ready to kill
The hunter with his wicked laugh
Went near the tree where the monk was
The terrified monk was so frightened and trembled
That his robe dropped and fell on the hunter
The robe fully covered the hunter
With the smell of the robe
The hunting dogs couldn’t recognize their master
And tore him apart immediately
Very often we hear ‘Hunter shot Hunter’
The hunting dogs are the innocent agents
Even in killing their wicked master.
Before we want to hurt others
We are hurting ourselves first
Our minds have to suffer first during the process of planning
And the actions themselves are very damaging to the mind
Just look at yourself in the mirror when your mind is in that state
The eyes and the facial expression cannot be pleasant
If a person of certain age looks very healthy and radiant
Ask that person what he does
You will get the answer that his thoughts and actions are right
When the mind is right, you will look right and bright
You will look charming and young for your age
It is better than any external make up
The inner beauty is natural beauty
It will last, unlike artificial beauty, only for a short while
Don’t look like the hunting dog, fierce
Be like Snow White, how charming and loveable.