Husband and Wife   


Master JiGong advised the married couple,
"Between husband and wife, there should be respect for each other
And both should treat each other as guests
A perfect family lies exactly in the relationship of husband and wife
If the male is fierce and the female is arrogant
Then a family cannot be made complete
If they can help each other in everything
Understand each other in everything and cultivate TAO together
They can bring paradise to the family
If the husband is gentle and pleasant
The wife will surely be agreeable and submissive
And she will surely serve his parents respectfully
May the daughters-in-law of the world
Serve their fathers-in-law and mothers-in-law with a gentle and agreeable heart
ĎFrom the start, husband and wife are birds from the same forestí
When there is a difference in opinions
There must be mutual communication
Donít settle problems by roaring and shouting
And donít think that Heaven-Above sees not Ďthe sky of a dark roomí
Be filial to parents and be respectful to the elderly people
Letís start everything with filial piety"
The rate of divorce is alarming in modern society
In the olden days it was really a great shame to divorce
Adulterers were stoned to death
Females were usually chaste
Husband, the bread earner and wife takes care of children and house
Nowadays if both worked in the day
By the time they are back home, they may be already exhausted
Little quality time is left for each other
If there are children, even lesser time is available
The wives will have more exposures to other male contacts
And any thing can happen either ways
With the violence shown in televisions and cinemas
And the triple X-rated films in rampage
It is the modern society that brought all these
Roaring and shouting are very common
Heaven-Above sees all even in the darkest corner
Letís give our very best to live in harmony
Letís listen to the advice of Master JiGong
It can bring paradise to the family
It is just wonderful to see old couple
Holding hands, how rare it is
Wish you could celebrate your fifty golden years
With your great grand children