As I close my eyes with a serene mind
Flash before me images of great peace
Heavenly feeling with no cry of pain
The silent mind with little sparkle of stars
Every breath I take is as still as rock
Resting on its place solidly
Unaffected by rain or shine
Thunder, lighting, hurricane or tornado
Slowly as I open my eyes
Half facing earth and half with a thoughtful mind
I hear cry of deep sorrow
Of man endless saddest sound
Teardrops slowly flow from my eyes
I know the pain and how I wish
I have a thousand hands
To take away his pain and give him love
As I look towards the compassion of the Buddha
The candle light and the aroma of incense
I wish the candle light will guide
And the aroma of incense will nourish the lost mind
May people of the world
Of all colours wherever they are
Follow the directions pointed out
By all Gods of upper and lower Heavens
So that the bleed will stop
The wound will heal
And become immortal
In a new world.
My dear Heavenly Teacher JiGong said:
"Happy is the Teacherís heart for numerous beings
Distress is the Teacherís heart for numerous beings
If the numerous beings have arrived on the off-shore
The Teacher can account for the order before the face of God
If numerous beings have not yet arrived on the off-shore
The Teacherís heart feels like being stabbed through by a knife
My blood is spilling in the heart and my tears shedding on the face
I am telling you; then you know the innermost feelings of my heart
Thousands and ten thousands of marvelous words and instructions
Have been channeled to you
They are meant for calling the lambs to return!"
If we can return home to Heaven and become immortals
As disciples of JiGong, it will be very happy for us and to face God
If we cannot return home, do you know our Teacherís innermost feelings?
What a great and compassionate Teacher from Heaven!