Karma and the Cycle of Birth, Death and Rebirth.  

Karma is the natural law of the universe. When the unfortunate comprehends the law of Karma is the natural law of the universe, he will understand what he suffers is the consequences of his own doings in the past lives and he will not blame others for his own misfortunes. However he will endeavour to create a bright future. When the fortunate understands the law of karma, he will realize that there is a limit to the reward, therefore he will work hard and benefit others. When the evil understands the law of Karma, he will repent and sin no more, when the cowardly understands the law of Karma, he will be brave enough to sacrifice his life when necessary.


Tien–Tao helps practitioners of Tao to understand that the True Self is immortal, and birth and death is unavoidable. The ultimate goal of life is to transcend this unavoidable cycle of birth, death and rebirth. The true self cannot be created nor destroyed. Neither can it be enhanced, contaminated nor purified. It cannot be drowned in water nor burned in fire. The True Self resides in a different body for every life, just like one moves from a house to another. The True Self does not change.